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A bathroom to feel good

Lie relaxed and undisturbed in the bathtub, let go of all worries and enjoy every minute. Soft music, subdued light and soft, fluffy foam clouds give a soft feeling and provide the right mood. The muscle tension is reduced, the skin refreshed. The door remains closed for everyday stress and problems. Just relax and let the dreams run free, surrounded by burning candles and enveloped by a pleasant floral scent. Then slip into a fluffy bathrobe and go to bed. This is pure wellness, is not it?

At the present time, bathrooms have many other needs besides hygiene, such as refreshment, relaxation, pampering and regeneration. But to ensure that your bathroom meets the highest standards, you should pay attention to a few things when setting up.

Select the right equipment

Indispensable furnishings in each bathroom are a sink, a shower or a bath and a toilet, if it is not separated separately. The more similar the individual pieces of furniture are, the more harmonious the bathroom looks. The classic bathroom materials are marble, glass, natural stone, stainless steel and ceramics. When choosing furniture, room size, bathroom planning and layout must also be taken into account. For small bathrooms, for example, a corner bath and a narrow sink with integrated vanity unit with more storage space are a good alternative. When it comes to bathroom equipment, our team is happy to recommend an online shop for bathtubs that combine functionality, sleek design and high quality. The KALDEWEI bathtubs transform every bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and coziness.

Relax in the bathtub

A bathroom to feel good

Wall design in the bathroom

The bathroom must be able to withstand high humidity, so tiles are always a good choice. Widely used in recent years are the large-format tiles. They make the room look bigger and are often preferred for smaller bathrooms. For small rooms it is also recommended that the floor and wall tiles are coordinated. If the tiles are too boring, you can count on an alternative. Other good variants are water-resistant wallpapers such as fleece and vinyl wallpaper, real wood, quarry stone, natural stone or water-repellent colors. Choosing the right color for the bathroom is also a very important task. The most suitable for the bathroom are colors such as blue and green and their nuances of turquoise, emerald green, aqua blue, azure, etc. All these colors have a soothing yet refreshing effect.

The matching bathroom decoration

Besides practical and functional, the bathroom must also be comfortable. The right bathroom decoration gives the room a pleasant flair and transforms it into a place of rest and relaxation. Every little detail has its effect on the bathroom’s atmosphere – from towels, bath mats and shower curtains, to wall hooks and mirrors, to accessories such as storage baskets and boxes. All decorative elements must be coordinated so that there is full harmony.

Lighting in the bathroom

A good idea would be to combine modern spotlights and wall lights with indirect lighting, for example behind the mirror. This is how you create the optimum balance of function and design. Other good variants are illuminated niches or a mirror with a luminous frame.

Simple and simple design

A bathroom to feel good

Red in the bathroom

A bathroom to feel good

Turn your bathroom into an oasis of well-being!

A bathroom to feel good

A place of rest and relaxation

A bathroom to feel good

A bathroom to feel good

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