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VASNER – Infrared heating mirror for your bathroom

As a place of rest and relaxation, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home because most people usually spend a lot of time there – the bathroom starts and ends the day. denn es lädt den menschlichen Körper mit einer neuen positiven Energie auf – nicht von ungefähr fühlt man sich nach einer belebenden Dusche gleich viel besser. And at the end of the day everyone dreams of us in this, not to let the stress behind, but also to enjoy the refreshing power of water, because it invites the human body with a new positive energy – not by chance you feel after a revitalizing shower is much better. To maximize the feel-good factor, you should take enough time to set up the bathroom nicely. The bathroom mirror is an indispensable part of every bathroom.

Many people long for a nice bathroom

VASNER - Infrared heating mirror for your bathroom

Are you looking for a stylish mirror for your bathroom? Then take a look at the website of With the offer VASNER infrared heating mirrors kill two birds with one stone: You have a great mirror, which also ensures comfortable warmth in the bathroom, because this is a full heating.

Mirror heater, which is flatter and more functional, has several advantages over traditional heaters. Thus, the mirror infrared heater is able to distribute the heat better in the bathroom. In this way, it ensures a pleasant and above all even heat in the corners and on the floor. If you stand in front of the mirror, you will especially enjoy the pleasant warmth. Another advantage: The infrared heater can save energy, because the bathroom has less heating – even at lower temperature, it is pleasantly warm.

Infrared heating is not only available for the bathroom, but also for other rooms. For example, VASNER offers the option of providing such a heater with a beautiful photo. What at first glance looks like a picture on the wall in the living room and bedroom, turns out to be a heater with an individual touch. A special printing process on glass ensures brilliant colors, a unique depth effect and a detailed reproduction of the subject. For the picture heating you can choose between three different surfaces and versions with or without frame.

A bathroom mirror is crucial for the entire ambience in the room

VASNER - Infrared heating mirror for your bathroom

At VASNER you will find three different mirror series, including mirrors with the latest LED lighting technology. All components of the unique LED mirror infrared heaters (from the glass mirror over the metal carcass and the electronics up to the carbon technology) are manufactured in Germany. The all-round light of the Zipris S LED Infrared Heating Mirror makes for a great atmosphere and, because of the maximum size of 140 cm, it also makes a good impression in the hallway. Even the metal frame delights with an exclusive design – its front is polished, the sides are brushed. Choose your favorite frame and choose between a chrome or titanium LED heater. Frameless designs are also available.

A mirror infrared heater also helps counter fogged mirrors in the bathroom and the heating of the walls reduces the risk of mold growth. Of course, the mirrors meet the IPX4 standard in terms of moisture and splash protection and high-quality ESG safety glass is used. In addition, safety switches prevent overheating.

Convince yourself of the advantages of mirror heating!

VASNER - Infrared heating mirror for your bathroom

“The mirror in the bathroom has to deal with harder tasks than its bigger brother in the foyer.” – Martin Gerhard Reisenberg

VASNER - Infrared heating mirror for your bathroom

VASNER - Infrared heating mirror for your bathroom

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