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The first barbecue party of the year

With increasing temperatures and longer days, it starts to itch in the fingers, especially in men. The seasonal opening is finally approaching for barbecue lovers. And there are a lot of them in Germany. So many that it’s hard to find a garden or a balcony that does not require a barbecue. That also has very good reasons. After all, the preparation of food on charcoal is one of the oldest in human history. Mainly with meat can be achieved by no other method similarly tasty results. Buttery on the inside and crunchy on the outside, good through or bloody … Everything is possible! With such great popularity, there are of course a lot of choices. Both with the grill types as well as with the dishes.

Organize a barbecue in the garden with the best friends

The first barbecue party of the year

Charcoal or electric

The traditional and most common method is of course the one where the meat is sizzling over red-hot charcoal. Just the smell of rising smoke makes your mouth water. And it also provides the inimitable aroma that makes grilled meat, fish or vegetables such a taste experience. Charcoal grills are available in every size and for every budget. A wide range of charcoal grills from TecTake will delight everyone. With a small balcony you are limited to a compact version. On the other hand, if you have a large garden and love to throw barbecue parties, you can also keep an eye out for swinging grills, which look great. Chic and at the same time very practical are ball grills. The shape mimicking a buoy, thanks to the lid, ensures optimal, even cooking and protects the contents from wind and dirt. But electric grills are also recommended and have their own loyal fan base. If you have the opportunity, you should try both and slowly approach your own method for perfect BBQ. In addition to a good barbecue, you do not need much. A barbecue tongs, a turner and skewers are included in every grill cutlery set. For die-hard grilled fans, it may be worth buying grilled forks to separate the meat from ribs or grilling jars for marinating.

Barbecue on the roof terrace

The first barbecue party of the year

Food & Co: Meat, salads and dessert

Once the barbecue is set up and guests are invited, it’s time to start thinking about the food itself. As the highlight of course is the juicy meat itself or the fish, the rest may be kept quite simple. You can do without side dishes like meat or potatoes. For fresh bread fits perfectly. What can not be missing are also salads. They are happy to bring the guests so that the hosts can concentrate fully on the main course. Both fresh vegetable salads and potato salads go well. Fruit salads are also great as a dessert, as they are nice and light. But also cakes or muffins are always welcome. Just make sure that the guests agree with each other, so you do not have ten equal salads or cake on the table. Also sauces and plastic cutlery can bring the guests.

The delicious food is an absolute must for the perfect barbecue party

The first barbecue party of the year

Creative decoration ideas

Now only the right frame for the party is missing. Of course you can just tables and benches set up, but with a little decoration the garden gets a whole new, festive atmosphere. If you do not feel like traditional garlands with flags, you can fall back on colorful flower garlands. These are beautiful spring. What you should also consider is the light. There will most likely not be much room on the tables, so dainty lanterns that are not too glaring and just underline the romantic starry sky will work well. Other sources of light can be spread here and there in the garden, as everyone in warm candles flickers around the heart. You do not need much more. Good friends and great food do the rest.

On the warm days there is nothing better than a barbecue with the favorite people

The first barbecue party of the year

The first barbecue party of the year

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