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Top 10 Suggestions for Wireless Charger

Do you know what is excluded from all our visions of a futuristic utopia? These are wires! No one is pictured fumbling with a cable to turn on a device. Everything seems as if it would work magically. We have not achieved that, but wireless technology is constantly evolving. One of the latest inventions is a wireless charger for smartphones. Unfortunately, it is not completely wireless because you still need a socket to power these devices. However, you can use these wireless charging devices instead of charging your phone all night long. You can quietly leave the smartphone on the pad in the evening and in the morning the battery is full. So you can use the smartphone all day without worrying.

Before you choose a wireless charger for yourself, make sure that your device is suitable for it. Sometimes you need an extra battery cover or special phone case for wireless charging. It is also necessary to check if the wireless charger is equipped with the correct standard for your smartphone. Nowadays, the most popular standard is Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) – QI, but competitor – Powermat is also establishing itself in the marketplace. Two companies are merged – The Power Matters Alliance and Alliance for Wireless Power, forming AirFuel Alliance. That’s why they’re developing a new standard called Razence. Therefore, be careful when choosing, so you do not get a malfunctioning for your phone charger.

Unfortunately, this wireless charger has one drawback – it can not charge your smartphone as fast as its predecessor.

Our team has tested a few charging stations for you and selected the best ones. All these can be found on Amazon. Read the post to follow our review.

1. Fli wireless charging

What are the disadvantages of a wireless charging? Most chargers can not power tablet computers, laptops and cell phones at the same time. Even more – they are only for one device – not even two cell phones can be put on it. However, Fli wireless charging has overcome these limitations. The elongated charger consists of small light, elongated strips of metal for contact, which work by means of magnetism. In addition, the device does not require a specific position of the device to be charged. Do you want to try this handy device at home or in the office? Not only mobile phone but also tablet computer can be loaded at the same time. Get this product from Amazon for $ 69.00.

Fli Wireless Charger is very handy.

Top 10 Suggestions for Wireless Charger

2. Anchor wireless charger

PowerPort Qi 10 is so called because it can produce up to 10W of output when combined with Quick Charge 3.0, which is additional to buy. That is, it can charge some smartphones like Galaxy S7 faster than the other types of chargers. The manufacturers claim – twice faster. This charger is super thin and very light. However, his little feet grip the surface and it does not slip so easily. It is very important to remove the phone case before you start charging.

The charger shows by LED lights the charge status of the smartphone. This lamp does not disturb. But on the contrary! They go out in a few seconds, which is not irritating. In addition, the device does not beep at all. These two features make it perfect for nocturnal charging while you’re limp. In this way, the smartphone is full of energy early in the morning. In addition, you also get a USB cable. Here you buy this charging station for EUR 19.99.

Anchor wireless charging station – favorable decision

Top 10 Suggestions for Wireless Charger

3. Samsung Wireless Charging Station

The Samsung Wireless charging station resembles a flying saucer. If you have one of the latest Samsung devices, you can charge them very quickly wirelessly. It is possible that the charger with standard 2A 1.4 X quicker than the other similar products work, Samsung said. The charger is equipped with rubber pads at the top and bottom, so that the cell phone does not slip and the charging station from the desk or dessert does not fall. Unfortunately, the LED light is a bit irritating because it is too sharp. The charger is available in two colors. This charger is available on this page for 24, 95 EUR.

Samsung wireless charger – prominent brand

Top 10 Suggestions for Wireless Charger

An interesting video for the charging station

4. Satechi wireless charger

If you are looking for an alternative to Samsung’s official wireless charger, then you are in the right place with Satechi. The new members of the Samsung family, including S7 and S7 Edge, can be charged with this device. The design is stylish. The charger is surrounded by a circular metal frame that shines in gold, silver, rose gold and gray. The main part is in glossy black or white color. In the middle is a rubber cross that prevents slipping from the phone.

This charger is compatible with all QI devices, but fast charging devices like Galaxy S7 can only reach 1.4 of their speed of charging. LED lights in blue colors show the charging process and green lights show the full battery. We find that superfluous, because the smartphone itself shines and additional light is undesirable on the bedside table. You will receive a USB cable in the package, but you will need to get the device connectors additionally. Discover your charging station at Amazon for 34,99 EUR.

Satechi Wireless Charging Station – many designs

Top 10 Suggestions for Wireless Charger

5. Charge with Montar Air mobile without cable

Once you get used to the wireless charging, you definitely want to have that feature everywhere. Why not in the car? This is already possible with the Montar Air wireless charger. You get both a great charging station, as well as a stand that is suitable for navigation with a smartphone. Bigger smartphones also fit well in Montar Air’s nest. If your phone allows 2A speed of charging, this wireless charging station can get such power. This charger can be rotated 360 degrees. Montar Air can be found for 39.99.

Montar Air shows the directions

Top 10 Suggestions for Wireless Charger

6. Itian wireless charging stand

This stand is specifically designed for the Samsung – Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, S7, S7 Edge, Grade 5 or Note 6 models, because it charges those models the fastest. Of course, this is only possible if you combine them with Quick Charge 2.0 fast charging station. With other wireless chargers, the speed is lower. On this stand can S6 and S6 Edge load, but not as fast as the above models. The stand design does not allow the smartphone to fall or get scratched. This is one of the cheapest variants for this speed of store.

There are LED lights when turned on, which can be quite irritating. For this reason, you prefer to place this charger on the desk rather than on the bedside table. In addition, the design is quite simple, so it fits well with the other table decoration. In the middle is a large Itian logo, which is fortunately hidden by the phone. Itian discover for the price of 15,99 EUR.

Itian wireless charging station – very compact

Top 10 Suggestions for Wireless Charger

7. Charge wirelessly with Nokia DT-900 mobile phone

The Nokia DT-900 differs from the other chargers with its bright colors – it is available in yellow, red and blue, next to white and black. This device consists of rounded smooth plastic and has a rubber ring in the middle, so that the phone does not slip. In addition, you get USB cable and a white AC adapter that is too big for the otherwise elegant design. This wireless charging station has a Bluetooth connection that allows you to get notifications and beeps when your smartphone is not charged. Nokia Charger you get for 49,90 EUR.

The many colors of mobile phone wirelessly charge with Nokia

Top 10 Suggestions for Wireless Charger

8. Wireless charging with Fonesalesman QiStone

This is a clever device and is an evolution in wireless charging stations. Fonesalesman QiStone has its own battery inside, which can also be charged. In this way charging can be carried out completely wirelessly. Everywhere you carry this charging station, without having to lug around the tiresome wires. It is considered a decision for the future. It really looks like a stone – gray and rounded on the four sides. There are four feet at the bottom to prevent slipping. Four small lights indicate how much power remains in the battery. Fone can be ordered for 45,99 EUR.

QiStone – totally wireless

Top 10 Suggestions for Wireless Charger

9. ChoeTech Stadium wireless charger

We present a lightweight, inexpensive charger with a minimalist design. Bright blue LED light identifies when charging begins, which is annoying at the bedside table in the evening. The look is simple – flat, black, shiny plate. Unfortunately there is no AC adapter available in the package, so you should get one additionally. The position of the cell phone is not as important as long as it is in the middle. It’s so light that only his feet prevent slipping. ChoeTech Stadium costs 19.99 euros.

ChoeTech Stadium – easy and cheap

Top 10 Suggestions for Wireless Charger

10. Wireless charging with Tylt VU Solo

This charger is small and square with a thin, black body made of plastic. At the top is a rubberized case, available in green, gray, blue, red. A single green LED light shows if the phone is in the right direction. Our team knows how uncomfortable it is to have the cell phone right, but unfortunately made a mistake. Then you think you have charged the smartphone, but the battery is empty. That’s why the Tylt Charging Station has an extra plastic part that aligns the devices. It quickly charges for wireless charger with 1A output. You also do not need to remove the phone case while charging. The cable is not included in the package. Tylt buy for 10,10 EUR.

Tylt wireless charging – know the direction

Top 10 Suggestions for Wireless Charger

Top 10 Suggestions for Wireless Charger

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